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Illinois Medicaid

Medicaid, together with CHIP and AllKids, provides services to some 3.2 million people.

Nearly a million Illinois residents have gained health insurance since the ACA opened for business in October 2013 – the vast majority of them through the expanded Medicaid program.

Illinois' AllKids program provides healthcare coverage to about 71% of Illinois children in families with low to modest income – and over 40% of all the state's children.

Illinois Medicaid


Medicaid beneficiaries represent about a quarter of Illinois' residents, with children accounting for nearly half of the total. Enrollment rates vary considerably across the state's 102 counties.

  • FY 2017 Enrollment by County • Map
  • AllKids Coverge in 2016 • Map
Medicaid enrollment, FY 2012-17 Medicaid enrollment, FY 2012-17

ACA Expansion

Illinois' Medicaid expansion has been responsible for the largest share of the decline in uninsurance since ACA enactment. Medicaid covered 1.3 million working-age residents (17.5%) in 2016, up from 864,000 in 2012 (13.2%), a 49% increase.

  • Working Age Members - Change 2012 to 2016 • Map
  • Medicaid and Work - Change 2011 to 2016 • Charts
  • Residents Eligible for Expansion 2011 • MapCharts
roportion uninsured, 2009-11 Medicaid eligibles, 2009-11

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