The Uninsured in Illinois

Prior to implementation of the ACA in 2014, nearly 1 out of every 7 working age adults in Illinois lacked health insurance despite the fact that the majority of them are working full time. Slightly more than 40% of Illinois' 1.2 million eligible uninsured residents were enrolled by April 2014: 287,000 in Medicaid and 217,000 in the Marketplace. Data can help us all understand who the uninsured are, where are they live and work, to help us connect them to coverage and bring Illinois closer to ensuring healthcare for all.


What We Know About the Uninsured

Uninsured residents are unevenly distributed across the state. Data by census tract allows us to see at a granular level the areas where clusters of uninsured can be found. Demographic details available at the PUMA level from the American Community Survey give us a richer understanding of who are the people among us who lack health insurance, so we can better attempt to connect them to coverage.
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Landscapes of Uninsurance

All Uninsured

Census PUMA areas have rates of uninsurance ranging 5% to 28%, and tenfold difference in the number of uninsured residents. See full map

The Marketplace population

About 900,000 working-age Illinois adults fell into the target population for enrollement in the new Health Insurance Marketplace. See full map

The Medicaid population

About 600,000 Illinois adults had income below 139% of the federal poverty level, making them eligible for Medicaid under the ACA. See full map

The undocumented

About 290,000 undocumented Illinois residents are not currently eligible for health insurance. More than 92% of them live in the Chicago area. See full map

Demographics of the Uninsured

All uninsured

About half (51%) Illinois' uninsured residents are white, about a quarter (24%) are black, most of the rest (18%) are Latino. See detailed demographics

The Marketplace population

Uninsured people in income groups targeted by the Marketplace are predominantly working people who are not covered by insurance from their employer. Almost two-thirds (64%) usually worked 30 hours a week or more. See detailed demographics

The Medicaid population

Among Illinoisans whose income qualifies them for Medicaid, over 60% have a high school diploma or some college, and close to 10% have a bachelor's degree or higher. See detailed demographics

Undocumented non-citizens

Although undocumented non-citizens are barred from most health insurance programs, two-thirds of the working-age adults are employed, and another 9% are in the job market. See detailed demographics


Census tract data

Uninsured residents are unevenly distributed across the state. Tract data reveals where in our communities clusters of uninsured can be found. Tract map

Metro Area

The 8-county Chicago metropolitan area is home to almost 400,000 uninsured residents, including a number of different languages, nationalities and backgrounds. Metro area - Lake County