Data can help us all understand who the uninsured are, where are they live and work, to help us connect them to coverage and bring Illinois closer to ensuring healthcare for all. The effects of public policy measures, and of stalemates such as the 2015-16 Illinois budget crisis, can often best be visualized by presenting data on the results they bring about.

The Uninsured

Uninsured residents are unevenly distributed across the state. Mapping allows us to see where clusters of uninsured can be found and, as new data becomes available from the American Community Survey, to follow the effects of the changes in access to health insurance.
  • Illinois uninsured • MapCharts
  • Illinois Marketplace population • MapCharts
  • Illinois Medicaid population • MapCharts
  • Illinois undocumented • MapCharts
  • Illinois uninsured by census tract • Mapwith countieswith legislative districts
  • Metro area uninsured • MapCharts
  • Metro area Marketplace population • MapCharts
  • Metro area Medicaid population • MapCharts
  • Metro area undocumented • MapCharts
  • Lake County uninsured • MapCharts
  • Lake County Marketplace population • MapCharts
  • Lake County Medicaid population • MapCharts
  • Lake County undocumented • MapCharts
  • Chicago public hospitals, with surrounding uninsured levels • Map
  • Chicago public hospitals and clinics, with surrounding uninsured • Map
  • PUMA 3504: North Chicago • Map
  • PUMAs 3521 & 3408: West Chicago and portions of Cook County • Map
  • PUMAs 3526-27: Southwest Chicago • Map
  • PUMA 3602: Southeast McHenry County • Map
  • PUMA 2100: Southeast McHenry County • Map
Demographics of the uninsured

ACA Enrollments

In the 2015-16 open enrollment period, signup rates for Illinois PUMAs ranged from 52% of those eligible to 21%; the statewide average is 37%. Most areas with the lowest rates are in or near Chicago.

  • Chicago Marketplace enrollments • Map
  • Chicago Marketplace outreach • Map
  • Metro zip codes with 50+ enrollments in 2016 • Map
  • Metro Area Marketplace enrollments • Map
  • Metro Area Marketplace outreach • Map
  • Illinois Zip codes with 50+ enrollments in 2016 • Map
  • Illinois Marketplace enrollments • MapTable
  • Illinois Marketplace outreach • Map

Medicaid Enrollments

The vast majority of Illinoisans newly enrolled in health insurance as a result of the ACA have gained coverage through the Medicaid expansion.

  • Illinoiis Medicaid signups • Map

Other issues

  • Illinois hospitals with readmission penalties • Map
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Mental health services

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